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Monday, August 28, 2006

I got my Kongfruntation On

A couple more reviews and an essay on the always delightful... well, scary Jackie Kong.

Read my Review of Satan's Playground

Read my Review of the God Awful Til Death

And finally, a retrospective on Jackie Kong's movies:

Queen Kong


Amanda By Night


Blogger A rambling wastrel, I* said...

Yeah, what the heck did I say originally in my lost original comments? No idea. Can't remember, can't think, I'm kinda pooped.
I thought Jackie Kong was a man, also.
For some reason, the only movie I could associate with her name was Night Patrol (which I think i saw, but couldn't really get into-- all I remember is a bunch of people standing in line including a woman whose mouth is full of something, but when she's asked what's she doing there, she swallows and then says, I'm here to make a deposit at the sperm bank... am i remembering any of that correctly? which maybe why i don't remember anything-- because I'm fixated on sperm and oral sex jokes!!-- no, wait, uh... I think i didn't watch much more after that. I didn't realize she had such a short film career but her name was so distinctive that i did remember it, but I think what few films I saw with her name saddled me with the notion that (s)he directed nutty comedies.
Diden't realized she directed The Being. Never saw it, but I remember that VHS cover art.
Now I'll have to check out Blood Diner and The Being, if i can locate them, because now i'm intrigued, both by your enthusiasm for this director, and also because she's actually a woman. Don't mind me, I have strange gender fascination issues behind-the-scenes (and, of course, you have my permission to reassemble that last "sentence's" words into a more comprehensible order. It's like my brain is merely a funnel for words, but not an actual organizer of them... cripes..!).
Also, I want to check out Blood Diner because it's "your favorite" and The Being because I have looked at it before and wondered if it was worth a look but never took the plunge.

Finally, tracking down a copy of Modern Girls has been a bit of a job, partly because it's only available on VHS. But i had the brilliant idea to check my library's VHS collection, and they have it!
Now I just have to pay some late fees and I'm all set to borrow it!

6:26 PM  

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