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Monday, July 31, 2006

I love horror movies, especially slasher movies.

I even like the bad ones, which there are many.

The worse the better, I say!

But there are some really wonderful films out there too.

And then there are the classics.

And it makes it all worthwhile.


Blogger Stacie Ponder said...

Man, I totally forgot you started this blog. You are too cool...I am too dumb.

I love that Madman cover, but I like the US version (or at least the version I have) as well. Madman is thisclose to being a great it is, I think it's more of a really good bad slasher. But...Gaylen Ross...

7:15 PM  
Blogger A rambling wastrel, I* said...

I"ve wandered by via the Final Girl blog.
I was curious as to what movie the final picture is from, I don't recognize it.
Having said that, it's quite possible that I: 1)have already seen this movie, but it was long enough ago that I don't remember it; or 2)already own this movie on DVD but haven't watched it yet (it may even be unopened still!).
Or 3) both.

I also find it interesting that you cite Pieces (which I own, on some low-budget 4 movie horror compilation), because I think it has a reputation for being misogynistic. So, in addition, I'm curious why you like this movie-- and I'm not asking to make you defensive, I'm genuinely curious...
My wife, who has a PhD in English, loves James Bond films, and I think the attraction is because she likes action films, plus she thinks Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton are hot, and those two elements supercede the chauvinistic dynamics of the series. Also, I think she accepts the uh, trappings of the genre and also the attitudes of the time period during the beginning of the series.
But I know some of her female colleagues in college were flabbergasted when she admitted liking these films.

Anyways, being a guy, I can understand more easily why I have no problem watching women as victims (jeez, does that sound sick-- what I mean is: since I'm NOT a woman, perhaps that's why I'm not as threatened/offended/etc. by seeing so many female victims on screen).

So, I was just wondering (or to quote the Swedish: "I Am Curious (Nosy)".

12:58 AM  
Blogger A rambling wastrel, I* said...

Oh, and yeah:
I mention that my wife has a PhD to enhance MY reputation!

12:59 AM  
Blogger Amanda By Night said...

Hi cattleworks!

Trust me the PhD mention does impress! The last picture is of Olivia Hussey in Black Christmas, which is one of the best slasher films ev-ah!

As for misogyny, although I understand your point, I don't really find much to the theory behind it. Others believe slashers can be empowering towards women... I don't really subscribe to that either. When it comes to horror movies, and slashers in particular, I just kind of shut my brain off and don't get too political about it. Every so often I'll see something that is definitely offensive (the hook scene in the Mutilator), but I just look at it as a release of emotion and for entertainment.

And as far as female victims go, unfortunately women usually ARE the victim in real life so I think some of the draw is like I said above, it's a release of fear. The kind of fear women live under in a day to day environment. I mean, I'm the girl who likes Maniac! I saw it as gritty and realistic while others cried "Woman Hater" to William Lustig -- in fact, he was shocked that I liked the movie when I met him (doesn't have a lot of female fans!). I'm an anomoly, I guess.

And thanks for checking my blog out!!!

Amanda By Night

4:16 PM  

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